Quality Ingredients

We only use the highest quality, freshest produce sourced locally.

Macro Friendly

Every meal has had the macros calculated to ensure your diet remains on track

Collection & Delivery

Convenient collection & deliveries right to your door.

Freshly Prepared

All meals prepared fresh to the highest standard.

G32Prep Premium Deals

Katsu Chicken Curry

£5.00 / Package
  • Crispy chicken breast, sticky rice and katsu curry sauce. CALS: 406 | P: 28g | C: 50g | F: 8g

Jalapeno Turkey Burger & Fries

£5.00 / Package
  • Jalapeno turkey burger, sautéed peppers and fries. CALS: 364 | P: 26g | C: 46g | F: 8g

Mince &

£5.00 / Package
  • Classic mince & mashed potatoes. CALS: 382 | P: 46g | C: 28g 
    | F: 9g

Korean Beef BBQ Bowl

£5.00 / Package
  • Marinated Korean BBQ Beef, accompanied by rice and a Korean cucumber salad. CALS: 430 | P: 40g | C: 49g | F: 7g

Nandos Chicken & Halloumi Pasta

£5.00 / Package
  • Pasta with chicken and halloumi, covered in a Nando's sauce and packed with onion & peppers. CALS: 553 | P: 52g | C: 53g | F: 13g


£5.00 / Package
  • Seasoned chicken breast, homemade coleslaw & sautéed vegetables on a greek style flatbread. CALS: 458 | P: 51g | C: 40g | F:8g

Welcome to G32Prep!

At G32Prep, our passion lies in delivering delicious and convenient meals of the highest quality, while also recognizing the significance of a well-balanced diet on overall health and well-being. Our expertise lies in offering meticulously prepared meals that cater to your unique dietary requirements, whether you seek to lose or gain weight or simply improve your daily nutrition. We take pride in providing fresh, carefully curated options to support your specific health goals.

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